Elizabeth 5SC Week11

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4 Responses to Elizabeth 5SC Week11

  1. phaylock says:

    Well done Elizabeth. Excellent punctuation of all 5 sentences. Your second sentence tells us a chatty monkey is chatting. If he is chatting do you need to tell us he is a chatty monkey? Can you think of a different adjective to use?

  2. pestf says:

    well done from felicity

  3. keira says:

    I am impressed Elizabeth you did well on your 5 sentaces well done.

    <img src="http://www.picgifs.com/mini-graphics/mini-graphics/monkeys/mini-graphics-monkeys-175958.gif&quot; border="0"

  4. Mrs. Weeks says:

    You have certainly thought about what you might encounter whilst visiting the jungle. Perhaps next time you could consider some of things you learnt when visiting Drucillas to add more description to your sentences e.g. what was the jungle like? Good start. Remember if you can hear something it has ‘ear’ in it!

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