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  1. phaylock says:

    Well done Janet, what a happy end to your five sentence challenge! Next time you could always include some speech marks (inverted commas – “”) to let us know what the people actually said to each other.

  2. Mrs Maclean, Team 5SC says:

    A lovely piece of writing, Janet, well done! I like that you have thought about how they were feeling and what they were thinking. Keep on writing. 🙂

  3. jarve says:

    Daer Janet I jast love your 5SC .
    Love From your dearest trend Elizabeth Jarve !

  4. jarve says:

    Sorry I mead amstaik in my reply ist ment to be Trend .
    Love From your dearest Frend Elizabeth Jarve!

  5. Mrs. Weeks says:

    Wow! That was a quick courtship. I love the way you describe your sea as graceful. Not usually a verb you would pick to use but a good idea. I also like the way you’ve picked different words to start each sentence. Next time I would think about setting the intrigue with the reader… would they become a couple?

  6. pestf says:

    Well done Janet good punctuation from felicity.

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