Gracie 5SCW12

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4 Responses to Gracie 5SCW12

  1. Miss Brenkley says:

    Well done Gracie! We enjoyed your story, although some of the boys didn’t like the kissing!
    From Miss B and the Year 2’s at St Lawrence Primary, Australia

  2. phaylock says:

    Well done Gracie, a happy ending to your five sentence challenge. Great punctuation of your sentences. I’m interested to know why the man was silly. Next time he might do something that is silly.

  3. Mrs W (Team5SC) says:

    Hello Gracie,

    I enjoyed reading your 5 sentence challenge. Your spelling and punctuation is very good.

    Just a little tip for you, I would have written ‘The dog was barking AT the man…’

    A lovely, cheerful short story. Good use of the photo prompt.

    Well done,

    Mrs W, Team 5 SC

  4. Mrs. Weeks says:

    Well Gracie, I love a romantic story. I like the way the changed your sentence openers and that you explain how your characters are feeling. Next time I wouldn’t finish with a quick sentence. Think about what he might have said when she kissed him.

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