Janet 5SC Week11

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  1. phaylock says:

    Well done Janet, you certainly have remembered lots of animals from our Rainforest topic. Well done for using adjectives to describe your animals. Great punctuation although the apostrophes for Monkeys and Tigers are not needed. I look forward to your next piece of writing.

  2. pestf says:

    excellent work.

  3. Miss Brenkley says:

    Excellent writing Janet, the jungle seems like a very colourful place! We aren’t sure we want to smell all the animal poo though!
    From Miss B and the Year 2’s at St Lawrence Primary, Balcatta, Australia.

  4. Mrs. Weeks says:

    You have certainly thought about all your sense when writing which is good because it helps the reader to ‘step into the world’ you have created. Next time think about how you can start each line differently

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