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4 Responses to taylor

  1. jrowntree says:

    I would love to know what happened when he got home with the sofa? Can you find where you need to put a question mark?

  2. vgutmann says:

    Good story Taylor, when you write it up could you leave out the speech and include more description of his search? You also need to add some full stops to separate your writing into sentences. E.g. Once, there was a boy called Banter and he had a sofa. He really liked sitting on it but…

  3. Sue Huntley (T100) says:

    Hi Taylor.
    Good idea for the prompt. I like the way the sofa keeps disappearing, it makes it a bit spooky, but if you are going to include a lot of dialogue in your story, you do need to think about where you need to put speech marks.
    Although Banter had to go home without the sofa, I wonder did it make its own way home from the park? Well done on a good 100 WC!

  4. Georgeanne Young (Team100WC) says:

    Hi Taylor – greetings from suburban Chicago, IL USA

    This is an excellent use of the prompt. You have kept a sense of mystery throughout your writing and kept the reader engaged and interested. I will admit I was running out of breath when I read such a long sentence with no break or period (*-*)
    Keep up with your good ideas!

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